Programme implementation in 2020

The pandemic-related macroeconomic challenges in 2020 affected fulfilment of certain Programme KPIs, including Russian Railways’ revenue, EBITDA, EBITDA margin, passenger turnover, labour productivity growth, ROIC, virtual performance, handling, adherence to freight train schedules, length of railway tracks with exceeded limits of throughput in tonnes or useful life.

It should also be noted that the Programme KPIs were set in 2018 prior to the deterioration of the economic situation starting in Q4 2019.

Still, some KPIs were exceeded, including procurement from small and medium-sized businesses (+45.5 pp over the target), the volume of transit container transportation (10.8% over the target), which reflects Russian Railways’ efforts to expand container transportation, and the average daily performance of a freight train locomotive (+1.8% over the target), helped by measures to improve the locomotive fleet utilisation.

Achievement of selected KPI targets as part of the Long-Term Development Programme (LTDP) in 2020
KPI (unit of measurement) LTDP target Under the base case scenario of Russian Railways’ Long-Term Development Programme until 2025. 2020 performance Target achievement
Freight handling, mt 1,338.8 1,243.6 −7.1 %
Total freight turnover, bn tkm 3,458.4 3,221.0 −6.9 %
Loaded freight turnover, bn tkm 2,727.7 2,544.8 −6.7 %
Passenger turnover, bn pkm 129.9 78.1 −39.9 %
Passengers transported, m people 1,199.6 872.0 −27.3 %
Investment programme, RUB bn 823.6 717.3 −12.9 %
Length of public railway lines with limited throughput, thousand km 8.5 6.3 −25.8 %
Length of railway tracks with exceeded limits of throughput in tonnes or useful life, thousand km 23.7 23.9 +0.8 %
Container transit volumes, thousand TEU 750.0 830.9 Including the return of empty containers from Europe to China as per new logistics schemes. +10.8 %
Average daily performance of a freight train locomotive, thousand tkm gross 2,177.0 2,216.0 +1.8 %
Average loaded freight car delivery speed, km/day 402.0 439.4 +9.3 %
Adherence to freight train schedules, % 74.67 74.26 −0.41 pp
Adherence to passenger train schedules, % 98.36 98.8 +0.44 pp
Integrated KPI for innovation efficiency 1.0 1.43 In accordance with the Regulation on the Procedure for monitoring and assessment of development, updating and implementation of Innovation Development Programmes (IDPs) of joint-stock companies with government ownership, the Quality of Development (Updating) of Innovative Development Programme / Implementation of Innovative Development Programme indicator included in the Integrated KPI for innovation efficiency is assessed by the Interdepartmental Commission on Technology Development under the Government Commission for Economic Modernisation and Innovative Development based on the IDPs implementation report by federal executive authorities and independent experts (approximately in the second half of the year following the reporting year). +43.0 %
Procurement from small and medium-sized businesses 18.0 In accordance with Russian Government Resolution No. 1352 dated 11 December 2014, the standard indicator is set at 20%. 63.5 +45.5 pp
Russian Railways’ revenue, RUB bn 1,974.5 1,813.1 −8.2 %
Russian Railways’ EBITDA (under RAS), RUB bn 476.4 402.3 −15.6 %
Russian Railways’ net profit, RUB bn 48.6 0.3 −99.4 %
EBITDA margin (under RAS), % 24.1 22.2 −1.9 pp
Labour productivity growth at Russian Railways (average annual growth in 2019–2025), % 105.0 97.9 −7.1 pp