Development prospects in 2021

Moscow Central Diameters

The Company’s development prospects were assessed taking into account the following key objectives for 2021:

  1. Achieve targets and implement initiatives in line with the 2030 national goals. In accordance with the Russian President’s Decree No. 474 On National Goals of the Russian Federation through 2030 dated 21 July 2020. Achieve targets under the Comprehensive Plan for Upgrading and Expanding Core Infrastructure until 2024. Approved by the Russian Government’s Order No. 2101-r dated 30 September 2018 Implement five federal projects involving Russian Railways, including:
    • Development of Railway Infrastructure in the Eastern Operating Domain;
    • Development of Railway Infrastructure Serving Ports of the Azov and Black Seas;
    • Development of Railway Infrastructure Serving Ports of the North-Western Basin;
    • Development of Railway Infrastructure of the Central Transport Hub;
    • Development of High-Speed Transportation.
  2. Strengthen the Company’s market position in freight transportation by improving service quality, expanding the product offering and developing freight transportation quality standards based on availability, timeliness and reliability of transportation services. Develop digital competencies and harness digital technology to improve the efficiency of transport and logistics services rendered by the Russian Railways Group and ensure that at least 90% of customer services and business processes are performed without human input.
  3. Strengthen the Company’s market position in passenger transportation by providing customers with high-quality product offerings, further digitalising customer services and business processes and introducing the world’s best practices for the development of multimodal transport.
  4. Ensure the suburban transport availability in cooperation with Russian regions and improve service quality in the passenger transportation segment.
  5. Ensure that the Company achieves its targets and improves its operational performance, including by:
    • enhancing operating procedures;
    • harnessing unmanned technologies, innovations and tools, combining the efforts of business and science to support key priority areas in technological advancement and upgrade;
    • providing for infrastructure debottlenecking, optimising the use of traction resources (including by signing locomotive life cycle contracts) and improving station operations (including by streamlining train schedules and reducing downtime of transit railcars);
    • developing an end-to-end framework and enhancing automation systems to manage transportation;
    • promptly mitigating various adverse effects and timely adjusting budget parameters based on consistently monitored changes in the macroeconomic and market environments, as well as implementing measures to improve operational efficiency and optimise costs at all management levels of Russian Railways.
  6. Achieve the 2021 targets of the Company’s Digital Transformation Strategy until 2025 to the extent determined by end customers and subject to funds allocated. Proceed with the action plan for Russian Railways’ transition to the preferred use of domestic software across key system classes. Develop Russian Railways’ IT infrastructure, including efforts to:
    • achieve at least 99.9% availability of Russian Railways’ information services;
    • meet the Company’s needs in computing capacities and data storage systems;
    • create at least 8,000 thin client workstations;
    • deploy at least 150 software robots automating routines across Russian Railways.
  7. Develop Russian Railways’ human capital through a set of measures promoting continuous training, employee engagement and occupational health, as well as shaping a stable and favourable working environment.
  8. Enhance traffic safety, improve the traffic safety management system and foster a traffic safety culture.
  9. Make efforts to minimise Russian Railways’ environmental footprint.
  10. Continue to implement overseas projects (with at least 5 projects to be run in 2021) and diversify the project portfolio, including by both building up in-house engineering and technical consulting capabilities and acquiring an interest in an engineering company, as well as promoting Russian Railways’ export-oriented portfolio in its focus markets.
  11. Achieve the 2021 targets under the roadmap for the development of quantum communications across three focus areas: infrastructure, technologies and ecosystem.