Traffic safety

Russian Railways’ Strategy for Guaranteed Transportation Safety and Reliability lays out the general principles that are underpinned by safety management and culture.

The strategy seeks to develop a safety management system throughout the life cycle of infrastructure facilities and rail vehicles and to create a methodological framework for transportation safety management by introducing digital platforms and improving the offering of quality, highly reliable and safe services.

Traffic safety priorities include:

  • improving the reliability and safety of equipment that is part of infrastructure and rolling stock;
  • reducing the likelihood of traffic accidents;
  • preventing or reducing fatalities and injuries;
  • reducing property damage and other losses;
  • preventing any adverse impact on the environment.

The reporting year saw the number of traffic accidents and incidents involving the Company’s railway infrastructure fall 17% against 2019 to 2,401, including a 13% decrease in accidents caused by Russian Railways (to 797).

In 2020, the Company recorded 204 traffic accidents across its railway network, down 18% y-o-y, with collisions at rail crossings 26% less severe. In 2020, the Company achieved traffic safety targets set by Russian Railways’ Management Board final meeting for 2019, with a 15% improvement to the estimates (0.544 cases per million train kilometres vs the target of 0.64).

In 2020, Russian Railways fully implemented the programmes to ensure train traffic safety and bring its infrastructure in line with operations and maintenance requirements. Investments in boosting traffic safety totalled RUB 2.0 bn, down 44% y-o-y.

Traffic safety target, accidents per million train kilometres
Safety violations across Russian Railways infrastructure

Transportation Safety project

In 2020, as part of its Transport Safety of Infrastructure Projects and Transportation Safety investment projects the Company furnished 100 facilities with transport safety equipment to ensure compliance with transportation security laws. On top of that, the Company purchased security screening equipment for railway stations in St Petersburg to be engaged in providing transportation services during the 2021 UEFA European Football Championship, and the Syktyvkar railway station which will serve as a transportation hub during the 2022 Bandy World Championship.

In 2020, Russian Railways organised security at 7,338 facilities and arranged for the protection of 400 facilities. Over the year, the Company increased the number of facilities protected by transport security units by 32.7% y-o-y, engaging 396 dedicated railway guard teams.