Responsibility in every action

In 2020, Russian Railways:

  • handled 1.2 bn t of cargo;
  • carried 872 m passengers to their destinations;
  • protected the health of passengers and employees with effective COVID-19 prevention means, in particular, by implementing remote services and setting up over 115,000 remote workplaces;
  • supported shippers affected by economic slowdown;
  • successfully treated nearly 9,000 COVID-19 patients at Russian Railways Group’s hospitals. The Company spent a total of ca. RUB 7 bn on anti-COVID measures in 2020;
  • helped company employees save their jobs and income during the country-wide lockdown initiated to prevent the spread of coronavirus;
  • launched 20 new suburban routes and 12 new long-haul routes;
  • trained women as assistant engine drivers for the first time in Russia;
  • commissioned new high-comfort passenger rolling stock (>1,000 railcars);
  • provided assistance and escort services to 165,000 passengers with reduced mobility at more than 1,500 railway stations and stops;
  • ensured scheduled departure of 99.64% of passenger trains and 93.11% of freight trains;
  • developed a user-friendly mobile app for passengers and new services for shippers;
  • reduced the number of railway accidents by 17%;
  • attracted “green” and “social” financing, issued the first social Eurobonds and first perpetual bonds in Russia;
  • approved an action plan to protect Lake Baikal and assumed additional responsibility for the protection of the unique environment in the Central Zone of Lake Baikal Protected Areas;
  • allocated ca. RUB 5.5 bn for charity.